The Potts family has resided in Langhorne Creek since 1850 growing grapes and producing wine, Ben represents the sixth generation of winemakers in the family.
The family vineyards were an integral part of Ben’s childhood. He grew up in and around them, and some of his favourite memories involve them.
As a young child Ben can clearly remember helping his Father, viticulturalist Bill Potts, in the vineyard or jumping in the mud puddles left by the floodwaters between the rows of old cabernet and shiraz. He even made a little pocket money grape picking, joining the hand gangs after school and earning 20 cents a bucket for his efforts!
A passion for Langhorne Creek, grapes and wine were a natural progression for Ben.
Working along side his Grandfather Lenny and Father Bill, Ben’s first vintage was in 2002.
Ben believes it’s his family’s knowledge and passion for the vineyard over the past century that is the core ingredient of Ben Potts Wines.

Ben and Lenny Potts Langhorne Creek
Ben Potts Winemaker Langhorne Creek
Potts Vineyard Langhorne Creek
Ben Potts Winemaker Langhonre Creek