Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek

Gipsie Jack has been named after John Glaetzer’s  Jack Russell “Gipsie”.  She is proudly displayed on every label.

Times have got a lot tougher in the Grape Industry in recent times.  Third, fourth and fifth generation Langhorne Creek Grape Growers have found themselves struggling to find a market for their premium fruit with many having no alternative but to accept rock bottom prices just to make ends meet.  John has been a long time supporter of Langhorne Creek fruit.  Along with great mate and local vigneron Bill Potts, they decided the time was right to take matters into their own hands……..and so the birth of The Gipsie Jack Wine label began.

Whilst Gipsie Jack has a serious mission to raise the image of Langhorne Creek and give a few mates a leg up by providing a small but ever increasing alternative market, we don’t want our customers to take the wine too seriously.  Is that because it’s not a good wine?  Hell no!  It’s a cracker.  In every aspect it is vibrant, fresh and fun.  We don’t want you to worry about length, balance and mouth feel.  Although it rates very highly in all of these categories.  Gipsie is about Friends and fun times.

You can choose Gipsie Jack off of a wine list in the company of the most knowledgeable wine drinker and know that there is no better value for money wine on any list.

Gipsie Jack is a wine that lends its self perfectly to a lifestyle of friends, fun and food.  Lazy weekend BBQ’s; fresh foods and best friends are all Gipsie moments.    Gipsie Jack is especially designed to drink now.

Gipsie Jack Wines are modern and stylish.  Johnny G and Ben have captured the freshness and vitality of today’s lifestyle and sealed it in a bottle.

You don’t need a degree in wine science or to have attended the latest Wine Appreciation course doing the rounds to drink these wines.

Gipsie Jack Langhorne Creek
Gipsie Jack Sauvignon Blanc Ben Potts and John Glaetzer Langhorne Creek
Gipsie Jack Pinot Gris Langhorne Creek
Gipsie Jack Sauvignon Blanc Langhorne Creek