At Heartland we talk lovingly of our vines and soil, of our hard work and attention to detail and of the time taken in barrel and bottle to make the wines we offer. What does it all mean? What is it all for? The end result is all that matters. It is that moment when you open a bottle of Heartland and discover all those sensations we have strived to include. It is the moment when the aromas, the texture and the flavours combine to fill your senses. You are the most important part of the whole endeavour.

Our labels reflect your experience. They are arrayed with the spices, herbs and flowers most often used to describe our wines. This is the palette from which we paint. You may not recognize each herb on the label. You might not find them in every bottle. The pleasure is in the search and in knowing what we are trying to share with you. Heartland makes uniquely Australian wines.

Heartland is that place between the vines with the best view of the gum trees. You might be in another part of Australia or another part of the world. We may not be with you, but our wines can be. You can’t see everything that goes into making Heartland wine from where you are. You may not be able to see it, but… You can taste it from where you are

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